From the recording STAR SEEDS

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This song was inspired by the experiences of one man’s life.
His sense of not feeling understood and accepted as an artistic intuitive, led to a period of depression and addiction, until he discovered his soul healing through a path of spirituality. This inspiring journey to wholeness ignited his desire to help and nurture others to realize their full potential. It is my hope that this song of heartfelt collaboration will touch those who feel a connection to this real life story, and bring hope, healing and a knowing that they are not alone.

Martha Reich; Vocals, Lead Electric Guitar, Music & Lyrics
Michael Kott; Cello
Alicia Ultan; Viola
Larry Mitchell; Electric Guitar, Bass & Piano
Jason Reed; Mixing & Engineering, Frogville Studios
Martha Reich; Recording, Moon Bird Studios
David Glasser; Mastering, Airshow Mastering
Kimberly Michelle Bond; Contributing Writer, Lyrics
Taylor Bond; Song Concept



I’m addicted to love and lust
soothe my dreams with magic and dust
and all that sparkles in the sky
It took me awhile, to love my sweet child
but now that I do, she’s my indigo blue

And I say deep in your soul
you’re perfectly whole
as beautiful as a tree
And I hear him playing my songs
telling us all along
you and I are just, just star seeds

And we were born pure
we were born pretty flowers
we were born to fly to the sun
and find our magic hour

Yes I knew how to run
and I knew how to hide
shoot myself in the arm
hurt so bad I wish I could die
And now I just want to win
this war with the blues
cause I’ve been there before
and this time, please don’t let me lose

Cause I’ll plant trees in the woods
past the rocks and the streams
climb desert mountains
follow moon dreams

Just let me thank her
for all that’s she’s done
I think she’d be proud of me
look how far that I’ve come

Don’t know how she saw me
pull me up from the crowd
Don’t know she heard me
I guess I was crying, crying out loud

I’ll grow trees in the sand
and pretty flowers wherever I am
to show you how I love you
the best that I can
show you how I love you
best that I can

By Martha Reich © 2021