1. The Letters

From the recording The Letters

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The Letters

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Music and Lyrics: Martha Reich
Vocals and Ukulele: Martha Reich
Fiddle: Enion Pelta-Tiller
Mandolin: David Tiller
Cello: Michael Kott
Mixed: David Tiller
Mastered: David Glasser at Airshow Mastering

Vocals and Ukulele Recorded and engineered at Moon Bird Studios
(c) 2020 Ascap

My grandfather served as a Civil Engineer during World War II. He had written several letters to my mother in 1943, while he was stationed away from his home and family. During that time my mom was 7 years old.
A few years ago my mother read some of those letters to me. Witnessing her tender sharing of her father's letters, as tears streamed down her face, inspired this song.
My grandfather died of Alzheimer's, a disease which can create what is known as 'the long goodbye' for loved ones. I know it broke my mother's heart to watch her father's amazing talents and abilities fade away and disappear, along with his precious memories.
I wrote this song in honor of my mother Sandra and her father Charles.



I never seen you cry
With the tears fall from your eyes
I know you miss him so
It was hard to let him go

I saw them fall upon your cheek
The words they hit you so deep
Your daddy’s still not here
He slowly disappeared

He said be a good girl
Fulfill your mothers’ wishes well
Learn to dance and how to spell
And be a good girl

He said I’m sorry
I can not be there
To walk you from school
Kiss you goodnight
before you go to bed

He said I’m sorry
I have to be away
But I still love you and miss you
every single day

He said be a good girl
Listen to stories birds tell
Go to sleep before the moon swells
And be a good girl

She read the letters to me
Pieces of your history
Scriptures from your daddy
Written in 1943