To the Brave, Curious, and Open hearted...



  • Apr 22
    Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa,  Santa Ana Pueblo New Mexico
  • Apr 26
    Artisan,  Santa Fe NM
  • May 13
    Healing Waters Hot Springs Festival,  Truth or Consequences NM

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The River

I thought I was crazy
I realized I was alive
My mind’s like a spiraling shell on the changing tide
and I’m just waiting here for the moon to rise

I was born as a raindrop in a storming October sky
and down below me the land was eternally dry
and I’m just waiting for the right time to fall down

I am the river that flows by your door
when your praying for something
and you get so much more
oh I am, I am your flood

I am the tear that falls from your eyes
when your feeling the pain and you don’t know why
oh I am, I am crying

I am the water that runs through your veins
I am that feeling when your cold and insane
I am the winter that lives in your bones
oh I am the longing you knew me when I wasn’t so old

I am the rainbow that hides in the clouds
when the thunder comes out and the sun is loud
Oh I am, I am your hope

I am the wine that flows through your blood
I am the longing we all know of
I am the wind that blows through the trees
Oh I am the river,
Please don’t forget me