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  • Sep 29
    Larry Mitchell House Concert,  Placitas NM
  • Oct 5
    Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa,  Santa Ana Pueblo NM
  • Oct 8
    Unity of Taos,  Taos NM

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Martha Reich & Michael Kott
Martha Reich


'THE RIVER' has been submited to the 60th Grammy Awards FYC in the following categories;

Best American Roots Song

Best American Roots Performnace

Best Arrangement, Instrumentals and Vocals

‘The River’ metaphorically speaks of an internal journey and the complex emotions regarding aging, the search for ones' true purpose and hope.
We are of the the earth and water, and intrinsically connected to nature and it's perfect cycles.
It takes a conscious decision to care for our natural world, as we would ourselves and all we hold precious and love.

A portions of the proceeds for this song benefit the organization

The River is a 2017 Global Music Award Medal Winner and was Nominated in The Hollywood Music in Media Awards.



The River

I thought I was crazy
I realized I was alive
My mind’s like a spiraling shell on the changing tide
and I’m just waiting here for the moon to rise

I was born as a raindrop in a storming October sky
and down below me the land was eternally dry
and I’m just waiting for the right time to fall down

I am the river that flows by your door
when your praying for something
and you get so much more
oh I am, I am your flood

I am the tear that falls from your eyes
when your feeling the pain and you don’t know why
oh I am, I am crying

I am the water that runs through your veins
I am that feeling when your cold and insane
I am the winter that lives in your bones
oh I am the longing you knew me when I wasn’t so old

I am the rainbow that hides in the clouds
when the thunder comes out and the sun is loud
Oh I am, I am your hope

I am the wine that flows through your blood
I am the longing we all know of
I am the wind that blows through the trees
Oh I am the river,
Please don’t forget me

Martha Reich
Martha Reich




The original song " Buddha blue " was made into this instrumental track " Ballad of Buddha blue " for the compilation CD " Gregg Braden's Music from The Divine Matrix, Opening the Heart, Healing the Soul.