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Like Butterfly Wings...



"I held my breath like a butterfly’s wings
sewn together by a little string..."

However odd this may sound, it's a true story. I wonder if any of you can relate? Holding your breath or walking on eggshells in fear of being told your feelings were not valid, or that someone would get angry in response to you just being yourself? For a long time I didn't even notice this behavior in myself, untiI I realized I'd actually held my breath under certain situations. It was my way of coping in the world.

You may ask what does this have to do with music? Well for me music has been my medicine and remedy for fear and hiding. It's been my outlet of expression. A beautiful place where I can sing and play without feeling scared that there may be unpleasant consequences. After all, for centuries musicians have created compositions expressing almost anything imaginable.

I'm not saying that I haven't felt scared to go out in front of a group of people and sing my heart out. But these days it is my joy and freedom to do just that, especially playing for people in Hospice and their families. Music has been my therapy, and after more than 20 years of writing, recording and performing, I've revealed my heart and soul with my most personal CD yet called "BRAVE BIRD ".

 Some of you have known me way back when, as I just started out being a musician. You may have witnessed me shaking at an open mic or some kind of public performance. Hopefully more recently you have heard me play somewhere, and I appeared confident and even brave enough to be vulnerable? If you have, then you know it's been a journey, and a healing one at that. One I've made a step at a time.

I'm so grateful to have been able to share my music with so many of you. After all, we are all on our own road, perhaps traveling down parallel lanes. I'd like to think we are all flowers blossoming out of the dirt, and we will arrive at a simular destination. A field of wildflowers and trees feeling love, sunshine and beauty everywhere. That is my hope and prayer.


This is where you'll find my new album "BRAVE BIRD "

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I'm honored that BRAVE BIRD has received these Awards!

2018 Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner for Female Vocals
2018 Clouzine International Music Awards Best Indie Album
LA Music Critics Awards 2018 Best Folk Artist

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I held my breath like a Christmas tree
Before it’s cut down on that sacred eve
All I wanted was to never be found
So I would never make one single sound

I held my breath like a lullaby
Perched in a branch just a little too high
All I wanted was to sing
I was too afraid of so many things

The birds they’ll take it all away
Every hurt that you’ve ever sustained
Now you’re riding that tidal wave just trying to be so brave

Held my breath like a flickering flame
Underneath the thunder storms and the rain
All I wanted was to kiss the sky
But I was too afraid that I might die

The birds they’ll take it all away
Everything that made you so afraid
And now you’re riding that tidal wave
Just trying to be so brave

But every breath that I never take and every time I made a little mistake
Oh I was dying just trying to be

I Held my breath like a butterfly’s wings
Sewn together by a little string
All I wanted was to fly away
I was too afraid so I stayed

The birds they fly everyday
No matter what anyone says
And I’m going to be just like those birds
Just you wait and see


Thanks everyone for being here and for reading this far.
I hope to see you out there somewhere along the way.
I couldn't do this with out you, or it least it wouldn't be half as much fun!


with love,


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"Martha Reich’s 'BRAVE BIRD' is Stunning and Heartbreaking."

"Pulsing, yet sparse instrumentation coupled with hypnotic verses of a quiet yearning spin into the call for something new and the hope that it promises..."
- Jason Davidson of Americana Highways


"With a sound almost woven out of the earth,
Martha Reich sings from the brittle openings of the heart.
To take in the art that comes from such a place, opens up our lives
in ways that are impossible to measure but so important to hold onto..."
- James Diaz, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine


" She spins her poetic songs akin to a spider weaving its web.  
One of the things to strike me, apart from the beauty of her music and singing was the fact here is an artist caught live will be a magical experience... " - Maurice Hope  - Flyingshoes Review


"Beautiful, clear & deeply touching! Your voice is so pure and beautiful! Just the sound of it touches our hearts. Beautiful and poignant lyrics and music, our hearts open wide to let it all in."

- Bruce Lipton and Margaret Horton


"In Brave Bird, Martha Reich mirrors her album’s totem. She is brave in the vulnerability and rawness of her lyrics, and soars in the honesty and simple beauty of her pure vocals and carefully chosen arrangement. In short, it’s one hell of an album." - Katie Anne Mitchell, Singer Songwriter



"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free"